Lumajang PINTER Community, Building Bridges towards Public Information Disclosure

By on December 5, 2013

Lumajang— For MediaLink, Community of Information is an ideal community which have the ability to independently access the public information and its technology, in order to meet their needs by themselves. In Lumajang, the Community of Information, called PINTER (Tegal Randu Information Centre), was formed for the first time through a MediaLink-sponsored workshop, “Community Consolidation to Strengthen Access to Health Security Information”. It was held on 31 August – 1 September 2013 at Ranu Klakah Hotel Auditorium, Tegal Randu, Klakah, Lumajang.

To follow up the PINTER community formation, more than ten members held the first meeting with “Discussing the Public Information” as its theme on 17/09/2013. It was held in Village Hall Tegal Randu as its secretariat. Some previously absent members ask for summaries of the previous meeting’s subject, all about JKN program. The discussion was so dynamic; they were so enthusiastically questioning and recommending many ideas related to the subject. There is no limitation to its membership scope; any other village’s peoples can also be involved in it if they are curious about JKN, such as from Sumber Petung, Yosowilangun, Salak, Sumberweringin, Wotgalih villages. However Tegal Randu’s peoples are highly prioritized as a pilot village for ASIK program in JKN sector.

The discussion was not only talking about how to search and largely distribute the JKN information, ultimately to Tegal Randu peoples; but also internally coordinate for PINTER institutional strengthening.  There were several recommendations from its participants about strategies and dissemination method of JKN information as large as possible.

“To raise the people’s curiosity about JKN, then we need to produce some billboards and banners which will be installed in several strategic spots in Tegal Randu village. In order to stimulate peoples to question it more critical what it is all about, the words in billboards and banners need to be purposively well arranged,” Putri recommended, the treasurer of PINTER.

“It needs also to attach PINTER secretariat’s address and contact person if they need to know more about JKN information,” Ridwan added, a participant from Wotgalih village.

The future success of PINTER community relies on to, one of many factors, how far its participant can actively contribute in each discussion of public information. Through this community, it is hoped that Tegal Randu peoples and surrounding area be able to have a medium to ask, gain, and use the access to public information for their own. For this initial period, the JKN information is important for them to understand in order to fulfill their health needs.*


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