PINTER Community Strengthen Institutional Strategy

By on December 5, 2013
Pesiapan Meminta Informasi JKN ke Dinkes Lumajang

PINTER Community

Lumajang—Tegal Randu Information Centre (PINTER) held discussion in Village Hall in Tegalrandu, Klakah, Lumajang on 26/09/2013; which talked about public information. It has been held for two times since the first discussion on 17/09/2013. Beside of strengthening the new community PINTER, the discussion talked about JKN (National Health Service Security), the new government program, which need to be re-elaborated in details. In this occasion, it had attracted the young men and women, so it raises new hope for the sustainability of PINTER community.

The participants realized the importance of JKN information to make their life change. Although stuttered at the first gave their opinion, now they begin to have courage.

“How long we have to keep paying its premium? Will there be any village officer to collect premium, or do we have to do it ourselves?” one of participant asked.

Another matter to be discussed is about what the most effective strategy is to be applied to publicly disseminate the JKN program. One of them is to disseminate it by local ustadz (religious figure) in varies religious recital regularly held in Tegal Randu. The mechanism to distribute the information can be done in varies medium, formal and informal, e.g. religious recital or regular social gathering (familiar as arisan).

The member of community hope PINTER can be well functioned as the information centre. As its name it wouldn’t be limited to the JKN issue, but also other public issues. During the discussion, the people are attracted to the idea that the greater to access the information, the smarter (PINTER in Javaness) will be.

In this occasion, the community members have began busy to build an information board and name board of PINTER community. Although involved the carpenter in the process, but they also do it by their selves, in a collective work. Next agenda to be done, related to matters of preparing the community secretariat. They are to paint the room, supply the basic facilities, like carpet, furniture, etc.*


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