To Avoid Ignorance of JKN, PINTER Community Requested Audience with Lumajang Health Office

By on December 5, 2013

Lumajang—Commemorating the Right to Know Day in Klakah, Lumajang (28/09/2013) the PINTER (Pusat Informasi Tegal Randu—Tegal Randu Information Center) issued a press release regarding the plan to request information on the implementation of JKN (Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional—National Health Insurance) on 1 January 2014. The Press Release will be submitted to the Health Office of the Lumajang Regency on Monday 30 September 2013, in a request of information regarding the JKN, on which lots of people are still unknowledgeable. The participants of the arranged meeting with Lumajang Health Office would be able to ask anything about JKN, from the application procedure to the services provided. It’s important that the people of Lumajang, at the very least the PINTER community and the people of Tegal Randu to have an opportunity to listen for themselves how to gain information regarding JKN.

The Press Release was written in bullet points, e.g. regarding the fate of members of JAMKESMAS (Jaminan Kesehatan Masyarakat—Public Health Security) during the transition phase to JKN (2014-2019). It is yet unknown how the members of JAMKESMAS would fare when JAMKESMAS is annulled and JKN is not yet implemented. The chaotic manner, in which the JAMKESMAS was implemented in Lumajang, due to misreporting, is another bullet point in the press release. It must also be clarified: what are the qualifications for one to be eligible for Premium Assisted Category (PBI). What would be the standard to measure eligibility: ownership of house, cars, total wealth, or any other measurement?

news_lebanon_international_right_to_know_day“We would ask the Health Office: what are the requirements to be eligible for PBI? Relying solely on JAMKESMAS data is a sure receipt for disaster. I don’t think the Health Office has ever disseminated information regarding the matter in the villages,” spoke Asy’ari, the PINTER Secretary amidst a discussion.

“All Indonesian Citizens will be obligated to apply for membership in JKN. The problem lies in the existence of Premium Paying Category (non-PBI). There is also additional question regarding how long those in Non-PBI category must keep paying premium,” added A’ak, the Community Organizer (CO) for PINTER.

Aside from questions regarding JKN, the public has the right to understand thoroughly about the services provided by the National Social Insurance System (SJSN), the umbrella for JKN. Especially regarding JKN: will the members of JKN be provided with better medicines than those with JAMKESMAS? What kind of services will be available? All those questions will be posed to the Health Office in the arranged meeting in the end of September. The press release is then delivered to CO Ridwan, the Bureau Chief of Jawa Pos, for publishing. “At the very least, the news will be available for readers of Radar Jember, Lumajang and Bondowoso,” A’ak closed the press session. *

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